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Jennifer Schräder


När började du spela beachvolley?
Since I am 15 years old

Meriter som spelare?
5th place Bavarian Championship 2020, 2nd place Bavarian Championship 2019, 1st place Challenger 2019, 5th place German Youth Championship

Meriter som tränare?
International Coach in Sri Lanka, Spain, Germany & Sweden

Vad man kan förvänta sig av att ha dig som tränare?
I usually provide a structured training, whereas I can also easily adapt to changes (e.g. # of people, special wishes), due to many years of coaching experience. You will receive a lot of feedback in various areas.

Vad är du extra bra på att lära ut?
Communication – I consider communication as one of the most important skill(s) needed. Everybody has different needs and ideas, and by having proper conversations, individual and mutual goals can be reached. I am also flexible on coaching different levels.

Tider du kan vara tränare?
Upon request

Vill du tillägga något?
Current coaching languages are German, English and Italian (if needed). Upcoming: Swedish (tbd)